How to Setup & Configure a New HP Printer?

HP is a known brand for laptops, desktops, printer, and scanner. It takes some time to set up and configures a new HP printer but the process is worthy as the printer starts producing greater results after the setup is ready. If you are new to HP or its products then you can get in touch with the technical department to get help for the setup and configuration purpose by calling at the HP support phone number.

Given below are the steps required to be performed for the configuration and setup of a new HP printer:

  1. Check your system’s requirements and prepare your system for the setup of the new HP printer and installation of the driver.
  2. Turn on the printer and ensure that there is a USB port on your system. Avoid using any USB hub or docking station as it will reduce the power supply required for the printer.
  3. Now disconnect the USB cable during the driver installation if it was already connected.
  4. Go to Control Panel and click on the ‘Devices and Printers’ and then right-click on your printer’s icon. 
  5. Complete the USB connection and download the correct driver as per your printer’s model. If you need any type of help in finding the appropriate driver for your printer then call at the HP printer support phone number.
  6. Open the HP Software and Driver download page and enter your printer’s model name and number. Also, check the operating system if required.
  7. Enter the product’s information like the model name or number under the ‘Printer’ section and click ‘Submit’.
  8. A list of software as per your printer number will be provided to you. You can also change the operating system if required.
  9. Under the ‘Driver’ section click ‘Download’ to get the full software or click ‘Basic Drivers’ to check other drivers.
  10. Select USB when asked to choose a printer connection and complete the setup. Now your printer is ready to use and you can print a test page.

All these steps will help you to correctly set up and configure your HP printer. It might become difficult for some of the users to complete the process on their own. That time you can dial the HP customer service number and ask for help from the technicians for the difficulty you encountered with your HP printer.


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