How to Fix HP Printer Configuration Error 0x80004005

HP is a leading name in the world of printers. With an HP printer, you can always expect high-quality prints and great speed. They are used to reduce manual work and get more work done in less amount of time. You can choose your personal device from the range of existing printers as they are available at affordable rates as well.

But in some situations, HP printers are prone to configuration error 0x80004005. But no need to worry as HP printer support number has been assigned to receive and resolve all such errors with HP printers. The certified technical executives will surely resolve the issue at its earliest by using the required troubleshooting measures.

Whenever you feel there is a configuration issue with your HP printer and there is an error message saying HP printer configuration error 0x80004005, you should dial the HP printer phone number or follow these steps:
  1. Turn off your printer first and turn it on again after some time.
  2. Let the printer become idle for some time.
  3. Now, disconnect the USB cable from your printer carefully.
  4. Remove the ink cartridges and reinstall them to make sure they are installed properly.
  5. Remove the printer’s power cord and reattach it after some time.
  6. Let the printer become idle again.
  7. Make sure the ink cartridges are correctly placed and the USB cable has been properly attached.
  8. Test the printer after some time by giving a print command.
If there are any other issues or problems with your HP printer, you can directly give a call at the HP customer support number. The technical department will help you in fixing all the issues with your HP printing device. They are working round the clock so as to ensure timely tech support for printing and other HP issues. 


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