How to Fix HP Printer Error Code 79?

HP printers are of top quality but they are also not free from errors. Certain technical errors can disturb you from time to time and one such error is error code 79. You can dial the HP support phone number in order to get help to fix this error.

Causes of HP printer error code 79
  • If the printer cable is damaged or is not properly connected to the printer.
  • When the supply cannot reach the toner cartridge chip.
  • When the printer is not able to identify the ink cartridges.

For all such issues, HP tech professionals are always there to help you via HP printer customer service number.

Guide to fix HP printer error 79

Solution 1- Turn off the printer
  1. Switch off your HP printer and remove all the print jobs.
  2. Go to the ‘See What’s Printing’ section from the domain network.
  3. Now, check the account holders and sign in to your account and remove them all from the network one by one.
  4. Close the tab and press the Power button to start the printer.

Solution 2- Update the printer drivers
  1. Restart the HP printer using the USB cord.
  2. Then attach an Ethernet cable from the HP printer to the router. Select the network on the printer screen and check for a genuine IP address.
  3. When the connection is established, a firmware update program will start.
  4. Go to the ‘Settings’ option and select ‘LaserJet Update’ tab and then ‘Check for Updates’ tab. Now, you can choose an option to update, download and install tab.

For further help and support regarding HP printers, don’t forget to dial the HP printer technical number. Moreover, the technical team can be reached out round the clock irrespective of the location you are from.


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